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Hire Laser Tag In A Box for Fetes, Festivals and Fundraisers

Posted on April 4 by Laser Tag in a Box in General

Hire Saturday - Get Sunday FREE! Laser tag is very popular family fun activity for festivals, fundraisers, fairs, fetes and shows.  It is also easy to operate especially using our technology and is great for players aged 5 years+.   Laser Tag In A Box is perfect for a family friendly activity that can deal with a high throughput of players on the day. - 

Generally at festival, fetes and fairs games are run for 5-7 minutes at a time.  The only game played is the elimination game with the winning team being the one with the least re-spawns. 

For a festival you will need 2 medic boxes to perform and count the re-spawns and a master controller to efficiently start and stop games. Players will need some sort of cover to hide behind.  Almost anything that blocks line of sight is suitable such as large cardboard boxes sometimes covered with camouflage nets or why not hire our easy to use inflatable barricades.  Where possible select an area that has existing large trees because tree trunks provide excellent cover for the players. Normally you would charge £3-5 per game per person and expect to operate 6 games per hour.  A typical capacity of a festival is 20 players per game or 10 per team. - See more at:

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