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Hire Laser Tag In A Box for Holiday activity programmes and Summer camps

Posted on April 9 by Laser Tag in a Box in General

Laser tag is often hired by Holiday multi activity programmes where the leaders become the referees. Laser tag is a lot of fun for everyone involved and is easy to operate and is suitable for players aged 5 years+   It is a very cost effective FUN activity because the same set of phasers can be used many times during a day’s rental. For example a Summer camp provider with 60 children can break up into 3 sessions, one for children 5 yrs-8yrs, one for children 9yrs -11 yrs and one for 12yrs -15 yrs, each with 20 students.  To cope with 20 students at once simple requires the hiring of two Awesome in a boxes containing 20 phasers plus some spares and medic boxes.   By dividing the hire costs between all the students, the cost per student is very competitive compared with other activities.   More so, Laser tag does not require a bus to be hired to venture out to a venue so saving more money for the parents.   - See more at:

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