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Inflatable Bunker Package

Our high tech Laser Tag "hide and seek" can be played around just about anything you can hide behind, but if you are lacking cover or things to hide behind then our inflatable Laser Tag "Bunkers" are an excellent add on to your Laser Tag In A Box hire package.  

Our bunkers are dark grey/black so they don't impact game play like the light coloured bunkers do, so they are perfect for laser tag.They can instantly create a fun Laser Tag arena or Maze in minutes that can be changed for different games.  They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues and only take a few minutes to inflate and deflate.

Our Inflatable “Bunkers” are available in 3 great options: 4 Pack, 8 pack and 12 pack. Each pack includes one Electric air blower and pegs to secure the inflatables to soft ground.  They are dark Grey/black and each inflatable bunker measures 1.6m x 1.2m x 0.8m. 

They are also perfect for indoor use so are a great add on for hire packages where the venue is a leisure centre, school hall or conference room.  The bunkers are dark grey and are approximately 6kg (13lbs) each. Please note the pegs must be safely and securely attached when pegging down or they may become a trip hazard to players. 




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DELIVERED direct to your door Nationwide:
For delivery to Scotland, Ireland, Isle of wight and Isles of Scilly please call for delivery rates 

4 Pack Delivered to your door:

Day rate: £100
Weekend rate: £100
Week rate: £200

8 Pack Delivered to your door:

Day rate: £160
Weekend rate: £160
Week rate: £320

12 Pack Delivered to your door:

Day rate: £240
Weekend rate: £240
Week rate: £480.00

If you're local and would like to save 10% off your order by Picking up from our depot and Dropping back to our depot in OXFORD then Enter IWILLPICKUP at the checkout:


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