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The Laser Tag Hire Secrets Show!

Kaine is known as 'The Laser Tag Hire Guy' and has years of experience running sessions on our own site in Oxford. 

Kaine has been privileged to work with our top clients such as McDonald's, Thrope Park, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Hub Zero in Dubai, the developers from the Facebook Workplace platform and even done a movie premiere for the movie Divergent!

The NEW show 'The Laser Tag Hire Secrets Show' will give you these GOLDEN NUGGETS for FREE so you can have one AWESOME laser tag hire event! You can check our Youtube channel out: Laser Tag Hire - Laser Tag In A Box.

If you are more of a Podcast kind of person feel free to type 'Laser Tag Hire Secrets Show' into your podcast app on iPhone or Android and you will be able to listen to every single episode of the laser tag hire secrets show for FREE! 

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