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Experienced laser tag operators

The UK’s No1 preferred laser tag hire Service Company with 14 years’ experience in hosting laser tag parties and events.  We know what makes a good party/event and we offer a high level of customer service and satisfaction.  Being the UK and EU distributor of Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment means we only offer our customers the very latest technology and equipment available, in our hire packages ensuring our player experience is second to none.

The best technology on the market and improved player experience

We only use the very latest patented S.A.T.R 2.0 digital technology available from Battlefield Sports in our gaming packages to ensure our customers get the very best player experience available.  Our patented S.A.T.R 2.0 technology that is used in our hire packages gives players real time hit feedback and session stats and scores so as they play they know the number of people they have tagged during the game rather than waiting for a print out at the end of a session.

Ease of use

Our equipment is turnkey and very easy to operate, you literally turn the phaser on and go.  We provide you with everything you need to run the most Amazing games, everything you need is in the box.