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General Questions

What is Laser Tag? 
Laser Tag is high-tech hide & seek. And with Laser Tag-in-a-Box you can now hold your very own event/Laser Tag games in your backyard. Read more, click here

Do you offer different packages?
Yes we do!  Our 2 most popular packages are the Awesome and Ultimate hire packages, but we also offer bespoke packages specific for your individual needs and hire packages for different events.  We also offer themed hire packages and packages for any number of players, the sky’s the limit!, for more information please click here;

How much does it cost?
Our Laser Tag hire is great value for money for prices please see our packages page      Our Phasers have 16 hours battery life, so they usually last all weekend and are perfect for the pre-party celebrations, the party day and then of course some after party fun for the parents!

How many people can play?
This depends on what style of event/party you are running and the number of phasers hired.  Here at Laser Tag In a Box, we have over 500 phasers for hire so the sky really is the limit!  For a Birthday party, ideally every player should have their own phaser.  Our standard packs are for 10 players, so 5 V 5.  You can also order additional half packs for slightly larger groups so 8 V 8, or 10 V 10.  For specific party/event requirements, please give our friendly team a call, we will be very happy to advise you and put together a package that meets your needs.

For events, fundraisers, fetes where high throughout is likely, you can use the standard pack of 10 phasers and use a round robin style game and have 10 players every 5 minutes playing, this option is great for school and sports teams fundraisers as well as fetes and events where high throughput is needed.

Does it need to be dark for the gear to work? 
No way! Our laser tag equipment can be used in daylight. Basically, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.

Age Suitability? 
Our laser tag hire equipment is suitable for school age kids and up. In other words, from 5 years old to adults.  Children 10+ love our Ultimate package which features our Black Cobra phasers with red dot scopes.

Are they real guns?
No! They are toy phasers made of plastic polycarbonate that are used to play hitech hide and seek.

Can we play in the rain?
Sure. The phasers are weather resistant. We have developed our systems so they are weather resistant however they are not waterproof. This means that while you can play in the rain, they cannot be submerged in water.

Is it safe?
Yep. Our laser tag hire gear is completely eye safe. For more info about safety see our safety page on our website.

Do I have to wear Vests?
There are no vests. Because people are all different shapes and sizes, the sensors are on the phaser and on the headband which is then placed on the head.

Do you include staff to run the party? 
No. Laser Tag offers you the equipment to hire so you can run the party/event in your own location.  If you are wanting your party to be hosted by us, we can provide the ultimate laser tag birthday party or event at our site in Oxford, please visit  Please note your activities MUST be supervised by an adult over 18 years.

After hours help?
We are here to help you have a wonderful party. Our office is open Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm.  Out of office hours we have a site mobile where you can catch one of our friendly team anytime that can help you with any queries you may have. 

Can I play in a public park?
Some of our clients have played in public parks after receiving permission from their local Council. However, Back gardens are the most popular choice, also Leisure centres, school halls & school fields are also very popular locations to hold your event.

Does everything come disinfected?
Yes! We clean all the laser tag hire equipment before it gets sent out with disinfectant.

Booking Questions

How long before my event do I need to book?
We offer same day collection from our Oxford depot on all hire packages and on most occasions we can arrange next day delivery for our hire packages ordered before 10am, subject to availability, however to avoid disappointment, we recommend booking the date for your hire as soon as possible if it is a specific date you are looking for or if you are flexible on dates then we would say ideally 2-3 weeks beforehand.  If you are needing a package in a hurry or you need some cool entertainment for the kids at short notice, then give us a call and we can definitely help you out.

How long is the Hire for? 
Hires are usually for one full day. But if you hire on a Saturday, you get Sunday for free! We also offer hire packages for weekly hire, monthly hire and long term commercial hire.  Please call us for more details.

Can I extend a hire?
Yes. You are more than welcome to hire for an extended period subject to availability. We have weekly and monthly rates. Give us a call and we can advise you on what's best to suit your needs.

What's the cancellation policy?
For the policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions under the book online tab.

Are their Discounts for Large Bookings?
Yes. We do have discounts for large bookings. We love big events! In fact we have over 500 laser tag phasers! For info and volumetric discounts please contact us at and we will be happy to quote you.

When do I need to pay?
Payment is due in full on booking. 

Are there any Extras for Birthday Parties? 
In our birthday party packs we send you a Birthday GIft from us, so please remember to let us know if your booking is for a birthday so you don't miss out. Also we Camo ace paint and personalised dogtags to buy for each player for purchase, to make your party just a extra bit special.

How do I book my Laser Tag Hire packages?
You can book using our 24 hour LIVE booking system:

Can I pay via an invoice? 
Unfortunatley, we don't do invoicing as everything is done with our online booking system and will give you a LIVE feed on what Laser Tag Hire packages we have for each date.

Equipment Questions

What is a Phaser?
A "Phaser" is a laser tag toy. Our phasers have voice/sound effects and SFX feedback and cool a muzzle flash. This equipment is used to play out fun games.

How do the Phasers work? 
The phasers have 3 sensors - 2 on the headband (front & back) and 1 on the toy's barrel. The phasers work using infra-red (like your TV remote) and emit a signal to the other player's equipment. When a gamer is tagged the phaser makes a sound to let you know that you've got the other player, and when you've been tagged.

How do I know what games to play?
Once you have booked online you will be given an access code to our dedicated organiser’s only area which has everything you need to run your own event.  Here you will find party invites, gaming ideas, gaming manual, and a selection of DVD’s.  There will instructional dvd’s, quick start DVD, mission ideas and mission/game briefings so you can fully prepare for your event before the hire and have everything ready at your fingertips during your hire. You will also receive an Instructional DVD in your hire boxes for your convenience. 

Our friendly team have 14 years’ experience running laser tag parties and events, so know what makes a good laser tag game, so please give us a call if you need any further help.

How much space do I need?
Laser Tag can be played anywhere, indoors, outdoors, back gardens, in leisure centres, school halls, beaches, on sports fields/pitches, scout huts, in woodlands, country houses, anywhere!  Obviously the more space the better so players have more room to play in safely, but Laser Tag can be played absolutely anywhere!

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries last and last, we estimate 16 hours of game time. Switching the phasers off during breaks saves a lot of battery.

What if I damage or break something?
The good news is that this gear is pretty robust. But if something is broken, as per your terms and conditions you will be charged for what was damaged or lost.

Do the Toys shoot Lasers?
No. Our equipment does not shoot lasers, rather they work using infrared (just like a TV remote). The beam itself is invisible and harmless. For more info on safety, see our safety page.

How do I know when I've been tagged?
When you are tagged your phaser will make a sound effect - either a near-miss, an "ough!" or an "aaaaaaargh!" 

How to I know when I've tagged someone?
When you tag someone on the opposition's team your phaser will say "tagged" or "de-activated".

How Heavy is the Equipment? 
The weight varies depending on which type of phaser you hire. Our lightest phaser is the Black cobra without scope. It is made from polycarbonate and weighs 1.8kg (4lbs). This model is perfect for youngsters. Our Black Cobra with red dot scope, perfect for teenagers+ weighs 2kg (4½lbs).

How do I inflate the Inflatable Barricades?
Included in your inflatable hire pack is an electric air blower. Each inflatable only takes a few minutes to inflate.

How big are the Inflatable Barricades?
They are dark Grey/black and each inflatable bunker measures 1.6m x 1.2m x 0.8m and are approximately 6kg (13lbs).  Please note the pegs must be safely and securely attached when pegging down or they may become a trip hazard to players.  Each pack includes one Electric air blower and pegs to secure the inflatables to soft ground.