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What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a science-based approach that looks at you as a whole person and not just at your symptoms.

Functional medicine is used to find and treat root causes of disease and imbalances in your body. Your functional medicine provider works with you to design a treatment plan to help you have best health possible.

Five Benefits of Functional Medicine!
The 5 Ps

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At Living Health Functional Medicine, we see YOU and not just your disease. There is no one else like you in the world. It is important to look at the whole person and the dysfunctions in your body’s systems. Functional medicine looks for what makes you different and designs a treatment plan personalized just for you.

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Your relationship with your healthcare provider (doctor) should not feel like a dictatorship! At Living Health Functional Medicine, your doctor/provider is your partner to help you achieve your health goals. You should have a provider/doctor that hears you, knows you, loves you, empowers you, and respects your values.

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Find your Blindspots: Treating disease and symptoms is not enough! What about the dysfunctions or diseases that may be sneaking up to surprise you in the future - we call these sneaky things your blind spots. At Living Health Functional Medicine we look for your blind spots and help you prevent serious illness in the future.

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Wellness: Some define health as not having disease, but with Functional Medicine, we want you to be more than healthy. We want you to have what we call Living Health! Living Health is Wellness - a state of high performance, function and enjoyment out of life.

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Your Peak is when you have reached the top of every aspect of your life. The true benefit of functional medicine at Living Health is that we help you see your true greatness. We want to help you transform into living your Peak life - enjoying your best health and giving your greatest gifts to the people you love.

How is Functional Medicine different from Conventional (allopathic) Medicine?

There are several key differences between functional medicine and traditional medicine:

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Target: The target in my medicine training was on finding and treating disease. My Functional Medicine training has been more about treating the person and not just the disease.

Training: Your Functional Medicine doctor (MD) has gone to medical school and residency training like your regular doctor has. The Functional Medicine doctor has also been through additional training and education. (Look for physicians that are Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners - IFMCP)

Testing: Functional Medicine looks at special blood tests to find imbalances in your body that can cause disease. For example, a micronutrient test would look for vitamin imbalances in your body that may cause problems.

Treatment: Functional Medicine will offer natural treatments or support when your standard medical therapy is not helping. You will have more choices for care medicine and surgery.

Time: Your Functional Medicine doctor/provider will spend more time with you! Another bonus is you will not wait a long time in the office to see your provider. You will have time to tell your story and ask your questions.

What Is The Functional Medicine Matrix?

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An ecosystem is how all the parts of nature work together so that everything is balanced and works. The soil, sunlight, water, microbes, insects, plants and animals all play a role in balancing the ecosystem. When the system is not working, all parts of the ecosystem need to be looked at and fixed.

The functional medicine matrix is your body’s ecosystem. Your ecosystem is made up of your environment, energy, stomach, heart & blood vessels, lungs, muscles, bones, skin, immune system, hormones, genes, nerves, brain, spirit, habits, relationships and mind. All of these parts of your body’s ecosystem help to make you healthy. At Living Health Functional Medicine, we help you balance your body’s entire ecosystem and not just one part or one system.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

 Fatigue - Tired

 Brain Fog

 Anxiety & Depression

 Essential Tremor

 Brain Disorders


 Weight gain

 Sexual dysfunction

 Thyroid disease

 Hormone imbalance

 Stomach pain - digestive problems

 Autoimmune disease

 Joint pain

 Heart disease




 Mental illness

Functional medicine can also be used to help people feel more energetic, reduce stress, and improve their overall health and well-being.

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