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About us

Laser Tag In A Box is the UK's No1 Laser Tag Hire Company.  Laser Tag In A Box is a family run business and is owned by myself David and my wife Lisa Pointin and our 3 sons. Through their sister company Lasergaming Oxford we have been hosting Laser Tag parties in Oxford for nearly 12 years now and have hosted many many parties over the years to kids, adults, events for schools, social groups, corporate days and we have loved every minute.

Back in 2002 when our first son was only 3 years old we started our outdoor Laser Tag Party business at Youlbury Scout Camp in Oxfordshire. Back then we were the first in the UK to have Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment running outdoor laser tag activities in the woods.  We created lots of fun and new exciting games for our customers with one objective in mind.  This was to create such an awesome gaming experience that we would be in the top 5 memories for kids and families as times when they had fun, laughed lots together and had the most amazing birthday’s and outdoor activity fun. 

About us
About us
About us

We are still in business 12 years later and with many of our customers still revisiting us, we are happy to report we are still creating awesome memories.  We continue to host laser tag parties on our site at Battlefield LIVE Oxford (We now have our own woodland but still keep in touch with Youlbury) although we do have some really cool props now like RAF helicopters and tanks which are great for the kids (and us!). We are also the UK and EU HQ for distributing Battlefield sports gaming equipment, helping other laser tag operators start their own business’s up.

Throughout the years, we’ve had so many parents and organisations ask us about hiring our equipment to run their own events, their own parities, fundraisers, sleepovers, family BBQ’s scouting events etc.  Due to popular demand we decided to partner up with Laser Tag In A Box Australia to bring Laser Tag hire to the UK so our clients can have the fun and games delivered in a box directly to their doorstep!  Being the HQ for distribution of the equipment we use, ensures that we always offer our customers the very latest S.A.T.R 2.0 gaming technology and the latest equipment available.

What sets us apart from any other LaserTag hire company in the UK is the patented S.A.T.R 2.0 gaming technology we use and our experience in knowing what makes a good laser tag party.  Our equipment is from the world’s leading laser tag equipment brand Battlefield Sports and gives players instant feedback and stats as they play so no more waiting for print outs!.  It is also exactly the same technology we use on our site in Oxford and being used on over 300 sites in the EU meaning it is robust and of a commercial grade.  Our gaming equipment can be used indoors and outdoors and is weatherproof. It is totally safe, tested to the highest standard by independent test agencies which is why we have been awarded CE status. Our commercially graded equipment is compliant with all the relevant Toy safety regulations and is RoHS compliant.

We also know organising a party can be stressful, so we have tried to make it as hassle free as possible.  We aim to equip you with everything you need so your party or event runs smoothly.  We have a V.I.P Sign in where you can download your party invites, watch our instructional DVD’s, play the mission brief’s to the players and obtain other useful information.

With our S.A.T.R 2.0 technology the gaming possibilities are endless and with our laser tag experience we are always here to advise or help with any party planning to ensure your event is one to remember. 

We hope you have as much fun at your laser tag event as we have had playing throughout the years and we hope you create some wonderful memories that will be looked fondly upon in many years to come, enjoy!

If we can help you with anything at all please do give us a call on 01865 410071 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.